Reliable, Zero-Party Audience Data


Reliable, Zero-Party Audience Data
SynoAudience is a reliable, zero-party audience data product that takes advantage of self-reported, rather than inferred, insights about consumers.
To date, website audience data has been part-science, part-myth. Many of the insights generated depend on third-party cookies, an increasingly endangered solution that tracks users across the internet and makes inferred guesses about their demographic profiles based on their browsing behaviours. Not only does this feel unsettling to many users, but the data inferred can often be inaccurate or outright wrong.

In contrast, Syno has developed a zero-party audience data system that publishers and advertisers can trust. Zero-party data is information which the user has voluntarily and explicitly shared for that agreed purpose, making it a win-win solution for publishers, advertisers, and consumers. We do this though our connection to both major media brands, such as the Mainichi Newspapers Company or Bonnier AB, and to the largest paid network of market research panelists—a network that totals over 60 million unique users.

Fully GDPR Compliant

As a European company, we collect individual consent from each panelist and panel owner for sharing purposes in a framework covering thousands of research panels and millions of panelists.

Real-Time Matching

Any HTML-based content is matched with panelists in real time using our proprietary tag. If connected to third-party systems like Relevant, the data can be used for programmatic advertising purchases.

Cloud-Based Analysis

Data is collected in SynoLibrary, our cloud-based system for making comparisons between data sets. By using multiple tags, you can measure everything from advertising campaign effectiveness to website visits.

Integration with Other Systems

Our system is designed from the start to integrate with your preferred DMP, DSP, or other third party service. We utilize both APIs and cookie syncing to match your data with panelist profiling data.

Expand Your Knowledge

With over 60, zero-party profiling points, you can gain quick access to in-depth, 360 degree profiles of visitors. Compare against baseline data to see where you’re performing well, and where improvements are needed.

Fully Supported

Behind SynoAudience is our professional team of data scientists. Whether it is advising you on system development or creating custom look-alike models using the data, we’ve got you covered.

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