Data Solutions for Advertising & Media

Campaign audience profiling
For digital campaigns we deliver a clear picture of who was exposed to it.
We provide independent performance data that evaluates the efficiency and targeting of the media plan and spend
Website audience profiling
For website owners and publishers, we profile visitors with multiple data points that goes way beyond what can be inferred by Google Analytics and other generic tools.
We provide independent profile data with an easy to implement solution that has no impact on visitors. All of this either in a dashboard or a data download.
Enriched audience profiling by adding custom, survey-based data
Highly specific and relevant profiling on attributes that you cannot find elsewhere at scale.
Ad campaign or target audience specific metrics to assist high value targeting on publisher sites.
Campaign optimisation
For advertisers and agencies, we establish an early read of campaign success that goes beyond the top-line performance metrics of impressions and clicks to monitor the campaign delivery performance.
Campaign impact evaluation
We validate the impact of a campaign through a brand-lift methodology that is future proof – comparing two groups: those exposed to a campaign and those who are not. This can cover brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, action etc.
Audience data enrichment
For media agencies and DSPs/CDPs/DMPs we can enrich existing data additional points from 10s of millions of fully consented and opted-in people, using common identifiers (IP, MAID, user agent, cookie etc)
Market data sets
For all data users we provide access to a pre-collected data set for a specific audience or market.